5.) Trump's Policies

  • 2018-02-08
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5.) Trump's Policies
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The media pretends, but their words give away their stark bias. NBC recently hit the President's tax cuts for the rich; the rich didn't get a bracket reduction and lost their property tax deduction locally. The New York Times wrote an article titled, "Trump's Anti-Immigrant Racism Represents an American Tradition" and Jorge Ramos of Univision attacked the wall as "racist"; walls were erected on portions of the border during previous administrations. The Columbus Dispatch ran an article titled " A year later, Trump’s travel ban still keeping families apart" when Trump was doing what Obama did in 2011. Vox suddenly cared about civilian losses in the war against ISIS, penning few words about Obama's own war against the same; one paragraph cannot fully quantify the liberal slant of the American media.

This list is ongoing, and we will continue to add to it as the baseless attacks continue.


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 Source: TTN

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