9th Circuit Lifts Nationwide Injunction on Trump's Asylum Policy

  • 2019-09-11
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
9th Circuit Lifts Nationwide Injunction on Trump's Asylum Policy
The Trump administration has worked to make the 9th Circuit a moderate court and it seems to be working.

The longtime liberal circuit lifted a nationwide injunction on President Trump's new asylum policy on Monday night.

According to Fox News:

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – long a liberal bastion that has been aggressively reshaped into a more moderate court by the Trump administration – handed the president a major win late Monday, lifting a nationwide injunction on his asylum policy.

Earlier in the day, Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in California had reinstated a nationwide halt on the Trump administration's plan to prevent most migrants from seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border, if they first crossed through another country on the way.

But in an administrative order first obtained by Politico, the 9th Circuit rolled Tigar's ruling right back, saying that for now it should only apply to the confines of the 9th Circuit — which encompasses California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, Guam, Oregon and Washington.

The San Francisco-based 9th Circuit now has seven Trump-appointed federal judges — more than any other federal appellate bench. The radical transformation of the court, which has 29 seats, is largely the result of Trump's push to nominate conservative judges and bypass traditional consultations with Senate Democrats.

The asylum rules would require an asylum seeker to seek asylum in the first "safe" country they entered. The goal is to hopefully stem the flow of asylum seekers at the southern border.

New numbers released this week seem to show it is working. [READ MORE: Trump's Border Plan is Working]

The administration's rule will not be effective in Texas and New Mexico.

 Source: TTN

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