Anti-Trump Mayor Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine

  • 2018-08-30
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Anti-Trump Mayor Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine
By Steve Punter (Sadiq Khan MP) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
During President Trump's visit, the Mayor of London o.k.'d a balloon to fly in the likeness of the President. Now, protesters are going to fly a balloon portraying the Mayor in a very unflattering way.

According to Fox News:

Protesters were given the OK on Thursday to fly a blimp of London Mayor Sadiq Khan wearing a yellow bikini over the city in response to the “Trump baby” balloon that flew during the U.S. president’s visit to the United Kingdom last month.

Campaigners raised more than $75,000 to fund the 29-foot balloon which is slated to fly over Parliament Square in Westminster on Sept. 1, the BBC reported. More than 3,400 donated to the campaign that said its goal was to vote Khan out due to the increasing crime levels in London.

“Under Sadiq Khan, we have seen crime skyrocket to unprecedented levels. People in London don't feel safe and they aren't safe, 81 murders this year alone! Khan Out,” a message on the crowdfunding page read.


The balloon’s design poked fun at Khan’s decision to ban an advertisement showing a woman wearing a yellow bikini with the message reading, “Are you beach body ready?”

  The surprising part here is that London has approved the balloon to fly. The city has not been incredibly hospitable to free speech. The new balloon is definitely a lesson in karma.

 Source: TTN

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