California Governor Slams Trump

  • 2018-09-19
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
California Governor Slams Trump
By Neon Tommy (originally posted to Flickr as Jerry Brown) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
California Governor Jerry Brown is not happy with President Trump over his climate policies. On Monday the Governor let his frustration boil over.

According to Fox News:

California Gov. Jerry Brown ramped up his criticism of President Trump in an interview that aired Monday – calling the president a “saboteur” in the fight to combat climate change and saying that “something’s got to happen to this guy.”

Speaking to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell at an environmental summit in San Francisco last week, Brown tore into Trump for the president’s controversial tweets about the death toll in Puerto Rico from last year’s Hurricane Maria and urged voters to vote for Democrats in November’s midterm elections in an effort to  thwart Trump’s agenda.

“We never had a president who was engaged in this kind of behavior,” Brown said. “I mean he’s not telling the truth; he keeps changing his mind; he’s sabotaging the world order in many respects.”

Brown added: “It’s unprecedented, it’s dangerous, and hopefully this election is going to send a strong message to the country; the Democrats will win…something’s got to happen to this guy, because if we don’t get rid of him, he’s going to undermine America and even the world."

California has fought Trump continuously over his policies since he took office. Brown has been the leader and his latest statements show the fight will not be ending anytime soon.

 Source: TTN

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