California Protects KILLER Illegal Immigrant From ICE

An illegal immigrant who has already been deported twice was protected from ICE by the liberal Mecha of California just two days before he went on his now infamous rampage. His violent terror is just more cause for the wall and that fact that the state of California protected him is just cause for us to abolish so-called sanctuary states and cities. Will California learn from this? No, they will not learn from this event, they will continue to do what they have been doing in the sole name of obstructing Trump. Here is why this man is now the face of the wall, as The Daily Wire Reports:

A twice-deported illegal immigrant who was protected by California's "sanctuary state" policies, which prevent law enforcement from holding criminal illegal immigrants requested by ICE, died Monday after going on a 24-hour "personal reign of terror" in which he killed a man, wounded several, robbed a store, carjacked a vehicle, and forced police to pursue him in a dangerous high-speed chase after engaging in a shootout with law enforcement.

Gustavo Garcia, 36, had a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2002. Along with his presence in the country illegally — for which he was deported twice, once in 2004 and again in 2014 — Garcia has faced drug and illegal weapons charges, serving 27 months in federal prison. Before his second deportation, Garcia also had three ICE violations, Fox News reports.

We need a wall! We need it now! Don't let the RINOs call off the bill in the house because we need it, and this monster just proves that.

 Source: TTN staff

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