All Possible Trump 2020 Challengers

All Possible Trump 2020 Challengers
Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

The Left is gearing up for an epic set of 2020 runs and will surely destroy themselves, so get your popcorn and beer because this is going to be epic. The Dems ate each other up during the Pelosi Wars, when most of them didn’t want Pelosi but then sort of gave up at the last minute. At least when we conservatives fight each other over small policy choices we hold our ground and always come back together in the end.
This list will be updated as time goes by and more people say “Well I might run but you know…” or “I haven’t ruled out running against Trump yet!”. These are key phrases on whether or not people are going to run. Here are the Democrats setting up to fight Trump in 2020:

 Source: TTN Staff

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