Dems ATTACK Pence Again

Dems ATTACK Pence Again
By Michael Vadon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
    The Democrats are going after Mike Pence again, I guess attacking Trump just isn't bringing in the ratings anymore. This time they are attacking him for his "uncomfortable" behavior when swearing in a Bixsexual congresswoman. Maybe I am blind, but I really don't see it. Even when I try my best and drink a pot of crazy people juice, I just don't see it. Even if they are perceiving him as uncomfortable it might be because he is tired and has been standing all day. Maybe he didn't like her demeanor on the campaign trail with all fo Sinema's attacks on his boss, President Trump. The left is always assuming the worst, try to think positive and maybe they will finally find happiness. As the Daily Wire reports: 

But the video of Pence and Sinema tells a different story. Though it's an admittedly objective term, there are no noticeable indications that the Vice President was "uncomfortable" at all. Instead, Pence welcomes Sinema when she walks up to be sworn in. "Congratulations," he tells the senator. "It's my great honor."

Yeah, a real homophobe.

Pence goes on to laugh at Sinema's joke about snagging a "spouse" before she's sworn in and directs the 42-year-old on how to stand at an angle so she gets primo shots from the cameras. "You might wanna rotate your right shoulder out a little bit," he advises. "See," says Sinema pointing at Pence, "he's giving me tips, here. I'm new at this."

Again, can't you just feel the homophobia and discomfort?

 Source: TTN staff

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