Disgraced Fmr FBI Director Issues Verdict On Kavanaugh

  • 2018-10-01
  • Source: TTN
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Disgraced Fmr FBI Director Issues Verdict On Kavanaugh
In a blistering op-ed in the New York Times disgraced former FBI Director James Comey continually suggested that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is guilty based on unsubstantiated claims against him.

According to The Daily Wire:

Comey begins his op-ed by painting himself as a victim of a politicized process, relating the explosive and increasingly ugly Kavanaugh confirmation process to the Hillary Clinton email investigation for which Comey was widely criticized. Stating that he was told he was "totally screwed" when he was tasked with investigating Clinton because "one side was sure to be furious with the outcome," Comey notes that he was instantly declared "a political hack" in a tweet.

Having efficiently worked himself into the conversation, Comey then turns to Kavanaugh, whom he disparages for pushing back against Democrats for having shamelessly manipulated the allegations for political purposes:

We live in a world where the president routinely attacks the F.B.I. because he fears its work. He calls for his enemies to be prosecuted and his friends freed. We also live in a world where a sitting federal judge channels the president by shouting attacks at the Senate committee considering his nomination and demanding to know if a respected senator has ever passed out from drinking. We live in a world where the president is an accused serial abuser of women, who was caught on tape bragging about his ability to assault women and now likens the accusations against his nominee to the many “false” accusations against him.

Comey then works in a shot at Republican voters: "Most disturbingly, we live in a world where millions of Republicans and their representatives think nearly everything in the previous paragraph is O.K."

Comey calls for an open-ended investigation into the claims stating that if the truth is the only goal, no timetable would be set.

That is right, the former director ignores due process and calls for an investigation when he has already reached a conclusion in his mind. Sound familiar?

 Source: TTN

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