FBI Clears Michael Flynn of Collusion

  • 2018-11-15
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
FBI Clears Michael Flynn of Collusion
The FBI has cleared Michael Flynn of wrongdoing in regard to his possible involvement in Russian collusion. The FBI reviewed Flynn's phone calls that were intercepted between Flynn and the Russian ambassador.

According to The New York Post:

The FBI has reviewed intercepted phone calls between national security adviser Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador to the US and has found no evidence of wrongdoing, it was revealed Monday.

The calls were made in late December and picked up as part of routine electronic surveillance of Russian officials. They did not reveal any illicit ties between Flynn and Russia, according to the Washington Post.

The review of the calls was part of a wider probe into Russia’s interference in the presidential election and hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

Flynn still faces sentencing after pleading guilty to perjury during the Mueller investigation. Speculation has surrounded the plea as to its validity and this new information make bring that back into question.

 Source: TTN

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