Federal Judge Cancels Flynn Hearing Due to New Document Filings

  • 2019-10-29
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Federal Judge Cancels Flynn Hearing Due to New Document Filings
Following a new brief and documents filed by Michael Flynn's legal team, a federal judge has canceled the November hearing that was scheduled to take place.

According to Fox News:

The federal judge presiding over the case of ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has canceled a hearing scheduled for next week, citing his lawyers’ latest motion — which made a slew of misconduct allegations against the government while seeking access to supposedly exculpatory evidence.


“In view of the parties’ comprehensive briefing concerning 109 Defendant’s Motion to Compel Production of Brady Material, the Court cancels the motion hearing previously scheduled for November 7, 2019,” Sullivan wrote Monday.

The cancellation comes just days after Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell filed a 161-page brief demanding the government produce all evidence related to Flynn, while urging the court to “dismiss the entire prosecution for outrageous government misconduct” and hold the prosecutors in contempt.



Powell alleged in the court filings that FBI officials manipulated Flynn’s FBI 302 — a form used by agents to report or summarize interviews. It is not clear who may have done the alleged editing, though ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok was involved in the original interview.

Prosecutors have denied that they are hiding exculpatory evidence, but the government might be and it looks like the judge wants to get to the bottom of it.

 Source: TTN

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