Former Clinton Speechwriter Exposes Anonymous Anti-Trumper?

  • 2019-11-25
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Former Clinton Speechwriter Exposes Anonymous Anti-Trumper?
The writer of the 'anonymous' anti-Trump op-ed and now the anti-Trump book may have just been exposed by s former Clinton speechwriter.

It is claimed that Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ chief speechwriter Guy Snodgrass is the leaker and he is not denying it.

According to Mediaite:

A new article alleges that former Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ chief speechwriter Guy Snodgrass is the “Anonymous” official who wrote a book blasting President Donald Trump.

The New Republic piece from former Bill Clinton speechwriter David Kusnet alleges Snodgrass is the anonymous senior official based on an analysis of his writing style compared to his memoir Holding the Line from Snodgrass in October.

“Reading Snodgrass’s Pentagon memoir, Holding the Line, the clues to Anonymous’s identity are apparent. As in A Warning, the sentences and paragraphs are pithy and punchy. Every chapter in both books begins with an inspiring but not cliched quotation from an historic figure. Many passages in both books are remarkably similar: the ordeal of conducting a Pentagon briefing for Trump; national security staffers exchanging appalled asides about Trump’s conduct of foreign policy via Twitter; and the arguments for why American alliances strengthen national security and immigration policy shouldn’t be based on building a border wall. In particular, both books stress that, when briefed about international alliances, Trump derails discussions by griping about how allies are stiffing the United States, from allegedly miserly NATO contributions to ostensibly one-sided trade policies.”

Snodgrass didn’t exactly deny the allegation in a tweet saying “the swirl continues.”

  Snodgrass if a former Naval Aviator and a graduate of Top Gun who is now a consultant in Northern Virginia, according to his Wiki page.

 Source: TTN

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