Former NY Mayor Will Spend $500 Million to Defeat Trump

Former NY Mayor Will Spend $500 Million to Defeat Trump
By Lt. Joe Klinker, U.S. Coast Guard (Adm Abel and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Micheal Bloomberg is going all out in an attempt to stop Trump in 2020, he will be spending $500,000,000 to do so. As Fox News reports: 

Mike Bloomberg reportedly plans to drop a $500 million bomb on the 2020 presidential race – regardless of whether he does or doesn’t run for the White House.

Democratic operatives briefed on the former New York City mayor’s plans say the billionaire media mogul will spend at least that amount to try and oust President Trump from the White House, according to a report Wednesday by Politico.

Trump and his allies in Congress will be trying very hard to overcome this massive effort by Democrats come election season. An amount this large is sure to have a visible impact. 

 Source: TTN Staff

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