Fox News Stands With Host, Boycotts Twitter

  • 2018-11-12
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Fox News Stands With Host, Boycotts Twitter
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Fox News is backing host Tucker Carlson by boycotting Twitter. The move comes after Twitter refused to ban a user for posting personal information about the host.

Reports indicate that the boycott began last Thursday.

According to The Daily Wire:

Since last Thursday, Fox News has boycotted Twitter, presumably in response to Twitter’s tacit permission for users to publicize Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home address. Last Wednesday night, alleged activists from Antifa terrorized Carlson’s wife at Carlson’s home with verbal threats while also damaging Carlson’s front door.

As Mediaite reported, Fox News “regularly posts hundreds of tweets a day, and has racked up more than 400,000 tweets on its page. The Twitter account for Fox Business has been equally dormant, posting just one tweet in the past 24 hours.” Mediate quoted one source who stated that Fox News shut down its account on Twitter to protest the activists who mobbed Carlson’s home last Wednesday night.

The source continued, “[This] is a conscious decision in light of what was done to Tucker,” adding that Twitter was indifferent to requests to remove content that targeted Carlson.

The Blaze reported, “ … on social media, someone used the ‘doxxing’ tactic to reveal personal information about the host and advocate for more harassment. When this was reported to Twitter, they refused to take action, despite the fact that ‘doxxing’ is a violation of their user terms of service.”

Fox News is standing behind Carlson and backing it up with this power move. Twitter seems to read its terms of service subjectively based on if you are conservative or liberal.

 Source: TTN

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