GOP Rep Doug Collins Says Adam Schiff is GOP's top Witness

  • 2019-12-02
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
GOP Rep Doug Collins Says Adam Schiff is GOP's top Witness
The ranking Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee has revealed that Adam Schiff will be the "foremost witness" for the GOP.

According to The Daily Wire:

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee, told Fox News on Sunday that his “first and foremost witness” during the upcoming impeachment hearings is House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat.


“Will Republicans on the committee call for subpoena witnesses to testify, and if so, who are you going to ask to testify?” Wallace asked.

“Oh, of course. We’re going to testify. The first and foremost, the first person that needs to testify is Adam Schiff,” Collins responded. “Adam Schiff is the author of this report. Adam Schiff has been the author of many things, a lot of them found to be false over the past couple of years. But he’s going to be the author of this report.”

“He’s compared himself in the past to a special counsel. This is what he said he was doing. Well, if we go back to Clinton and even back to Nixon, but in Clinton, Ken Starr was the special counsel, he presented a report that we’re going to get his judiciary,” Collins continued. “He actually came and sat and testified under oath and took questions from all sides, including the White House. My first and foremost witness is Adam Schiff.”

  Collins pointed out that it is easy for Schiff to hide behind-closed-door meetings and the gavel during Intel Committee hearings, but it will be a different story when he has to answer for what he and his staff actually knew.

 Source: TTN

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