Gorsuch to Release Book on Constitution and Confirmation Process

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Gorsuch to Release Book on Constitution and Confirmation Process
President Trump's first Supreme Court pick, Justice Neil Gorsuch, will soon release a book touching on the Constitution and his confirmation process.

According to The Daily Caller:

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch will publish a book of reflections and essays touching both personal experiences and important themes of American law and the Constitution.

Titled “A Republic, If You Can Keep It,” the book relays “personal stories that have shaped [Gorsuch’s] life and outlook, from his upbringing in Colorado to his 2017 Supreme Court confirmation process,” according to a release from the publisher.

“This book shares personal reflections, speeches, and essays from over the course of my career that focus on the remarkable gift the framers left us in the Constitution and the responsibility we all share to ensure it remains strong for generations to come,” Gorsuch said in a statement.

The title references a legendary account of the constitutional convention. On leaving Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin was purportedly asked what sort of government the convention had adopted. “A republic, if you can keep it,” was his reply.

This will be the second book for the conservative jurist who faced an easy confirmation process compared to Trump's second pick Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

 Source: TTN

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