Hungarian Official Comes to Trump's Defense on Border Walls

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Hungarian Official Comes to Trump's Defense on Border Walls
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A top Hungarian official defended border walls and their effects on immigration in a recent interview.

According to Town Hall:

Washington, D.C. – As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Monday, Townhall spoke with Zoltán Kovács, the Hungarian State Secretary for International Communications, about the country’s border fence system, its foreign aid efforts for Middle East Christians, and the talks with Pompeo.

When the country was overwhelmed by illegal immigrants in 2015, they built a fence along their border with Serbia that Kovács said is very effective.

“Since we’ve built the double fence system at the Hungarian border with Serbia at that border section we were able to reduce the number of illegal migrants to zero, basically zero,” he said. “The fence itself is just obviously one element of the solution because you have to man the fence and that means you need personnel on the ground and also the legal environment is very important so, as we usually maintain, it’s a threefold security measure we have at the spot and indeed it works.”

He pointed out that “back in 2015 over 400,000 people have crossed the Hungarian border.”

He went on to state that fighting illegal immigration is not possible with a physical infrastructure in place along borders and boundaries.


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