Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump Attack on Husband

  • 2019-03-20
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump Attack on Husband
Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump and his top advisor's husband are in a feud and the wife seems to be picking her boss over her husband.

According to The Daily Caller:

On Wednesday afternoon, Kellyanne fiercely defended her boss, who called her hubby—conservative lawyer George Conway—a “total loser.” Conway has been pushing a narrative that Trump is a narcissist who has lost his marbles.

In a new, brief phone interview with Politico‘s Daniel Lippman, Kellyanne sided with Trump, saying he could fire her for her husband being such a distraction and tell her to go home and be with her kids. Instead he isn’t. Instead, her boss is just calling her husband a “whack job” and a “husband from hell.” Trump told reporters Wednesday on the White House grounds, “I think he’s doing a tremendous disservice to a wonderful woman.”

“You think he should take that sitting down?” Kellyanne asked of Trump, sounding like she was rooting for her boss to successfully clobber her husband.

She said her husband — “respectfully” — is no psychiatrist. It’s the only time where she uses the word “respect” in association with her husband. The couple have four children and have been married for 18 years.

It remains to be seen how this saga will end, but it is certainly interesting to watch in the meantime.

 Source: TTN

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