Kellyanne Conway Urges Adam Schiff to Resign

  • 2019-03-25
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
One of President Trump's top advisors is calling on anti-Trump Congressman Adam Schiff to resign. Kellyanne Conway wants the disgraced Congressman to resign after his claims about Russian collusion were proven untrue by the Mueller report.

According to The Daily Caller:

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway called on Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California to resign Monday after the release of Robert Mueller’s Russia report.

“When you’re talking about collusion and talking to Russia, and conspiracies and obstruction of justice for two years with no proof other than people leaking to you or you just, you just guffawing with the anchor next to you and fake lawyers on TV and the journalists who are pretending to be lawyers for that moment. You’re calling us all … You’re saying that we did not win fairly and squarely,” Conway said on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“You in fact running around jutting your jaw out and saying ‘I’m worried about the effect of institutions.’ You were disparaging the institutions. You were demeaning and deriding our great democracy — The presidency of the United States. Adam Schiff should resign,” she continued. “He has no right as somebody who has been pedaling a lie day after day after day. Unchallenged. Unchallenged and not under oath. Somebody should have put him under oath and said, ‘Do you have evidence? Where is it?’ Because Bob Mueller already ran the fair and the full investigation. And any partisan, politicized investigation from here on in will never have the credibility of the Mueller investigation.”

Attorney General William Barr delivered his report on the Mueller probe to Congress Sunday, and wrote that Trump and his campaign team did not collude with any Russian entities during the election. Barr also said there was no evidence to suggest Trump obstructed justice.

Conway also stated that the media has gotten away with the inherent bias they have against the administration and have yet to pay the price for their misleading Russia narrative.

 Source: TTN

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