MSNBC Host Makes Anti-Trump Admission

  • 2018-10-02
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
MSNBC Host Stephanie Ruhle made a shocking admission on Tuesday. Ruhle admitted to the media's anti-Trump bias when talking about the approach to the media is taking to the Kavanaugh spectacle.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle said "we're … going after" Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday in what seemed to be a moment of candor about the media's aggressive stance on his confirmation process.

White House correspondent Peter Alexander reported on Ruhle's MSNBC morning program that the White House is confident Kavanaugh will be confirmed, although it remains anxious other allegations could potentially derail his confirmation process. Kavanaugh has denied uncorroborated allegations of sexual misconduct, including an assault accusation, from his teenage years.

Ruhle noted after Alexander's report that, from the White House's perspective, it was at least a positive that the Robert Mueller Russia investigation was out of the news cycle.

"No one is talking about Robert Mueller, not for the past week, and so that is a win for President Trump," Ruhle said. "Think about what I just said: ‘that is a win.' We're only going after his Supreme Court nominee."

Ruhle is not a pundit but likes to interject her opinions into her shows. This is just further proof of the host's anti-Trump bias.

 Source: TTN

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