New York Times Backs Trump's Claim

  • 2019-03-04
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
New York Times Backs Trump's Claim
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The New York Times made a surprising move recently when they backed up the president on a claim he made which was ridiculed by the Washington Post.

According to Fox News:

The Washington Post was among many news organizations to denounce President Trump’s claim of tape being used to silence women during illegal border crossings — but a subsequent New York Times article revealed the president wasn’t making things up after all.

Back on Jan. 25, the Post published an update to a piece headlined, “Trump again mentioned taped-up women at the border. Experts don’t know what he is talking about.” It claimed the president’s "new favorite anecdote" was about tape covering the mouths of migrant women.

Post reporter Katie Mettler wrote that Trump, in pushing for a border wall, was claiming “without evidence that traffickers tie up and silence women with tape” before illegally crossing the border. The Post called Trump’s claims “salacious and graphic,” even providing a timeline of Trump’s taped-women rhetoric.

“Yet human-trafficking experts and advocates for immigrant women have said they are perplexed by this increasingly repeated story in Trump’s repertoire — and are at a loss for where he got his information. It was not from them, they say; in fact, they have no idea what he is talking about,” Mettler wrote.

The title of the article from the New York Times was titled ​“Yes, there was duct tape: The harrowing journeys of migrants across the border.”

 Source: TTN

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