RECORD: Unemployment at 50-Year LOW

  • 2019-04-05
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
RECORD: Unemployment at 50-Year LOW
President Trump's economy has gotten even more good news. Unemployment numbers are at a 50-year low, as Trump works to make America an even more powerful economic force.

According to The Daily Caller:

The total number of workers claiming unemployment insurance fell to the lowest level in 50 years, the Department of Labor reported Thursday.

The number of applications claiming unemployment insurance benefits dropped by 10,000, bringing the number of applicants to 202,000, the lowest recorded number since Dec. 6, 1969, when the U.S. workforce and population were much smaller than they are today, the Department of Labor (DOL) report said.

The number is a positive sign for the economy as it implies fewer people are unemployed in the U.S.

The total number of people claiming unemployment benefits in the U.S. has continued to decline since President Donald Trump took office.

President Trump has seen economic numbers continue to be positive as he pushes for more reforms and a better approach to make the economy stronger.

 Source: TTN

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