SHOCK REPORT: Stormy Daniels Closely Connected to This Terrorist

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SHOCK REPORT: Stormy Daniels Closely Connected to This Terrorist
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Cesar Sayoc, the alleged bomber who sent pipe bombs to high-level Democrats, once worked at a strip club where Stormy Daniels used to perform. Townhall reports:

In a really strange turn of events, it has been discovered that bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc worked at Ultra Gentleman's Club in West Palm Beach, FL, the same strip club that Stormy Daniels performed at back in April, WPTV reported.

Sayoc worked as a DJ at the club on Thursday afternoon and was arrested on Friday.

According to the club's manager, Stacey Saccal, Sayoc had worked as a DJ for the past two months. She had received no complaints about him from other staff members and he seemed like a "nice guy."

"I never knew that his van was covered in political stickers. I thought it was an ice cream truck," Saccal told WPTV, noting that he parked far from the club.

This very strange connection is raising eyebrows due to other facts. Sayoc was never political at work, which is strange considering the numerous political stickers found on his truck. His work also happens to be located next to a Trump golf course. His status as a felon would prevent him from voting, yet he was reported to be a "registered Republican".


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