Support for Trump & His Border Wall on the Rise

Support for Trump & His Border Wall on the Rise
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Support for President Trump's proposed border wall is on the rise according to a new poll.

In Iowa -- a state which will kick of the 2020 presidential primary -- support for wall funding has increased 7%, per the Des Moines Register:

A new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows 37 percent of Iowans say the wall should be funded, no matter what else happens with immigration policy — up 7 percentage points compared with January of 2018.  

“I’m a veteran. I’ve deployed four times overseas. And every time I’ve gone overseas, we’ve lived in a forward operating base that had walls,” said Don Hughes, a 50-year-old Pulaski resident and truck driver. “Did it stop every insurgent from getting in and doing bad things? No. Did it stop all the contraband coming into the FOB? No. But you couldn’t have a major attacking force come into the FOB because there were barriers, and there were people watching those barriers. Walls work.”

The Des Moines Register also noted that support for Trump is on the rise:

Support for the president also has climbed in Iowa. Forty-six percent of Iowans, including 85 percent of Republicans, say they approve of the job Trump is doing.  

That is the president’s highest approval rating in Iowa since he took office.  

These are great numbers for Trump and may indicate to possible 2020 primary challengers that taking on Trump will be an uphill battle at best.


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