Top Trump Ally Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted

  • 2019-11-21
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  • by: TTN Staff
Top Trump Ally Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted
One of Trump's, and America's, most important foreign allies, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, has been indicted on corruption charges. 

Netanyahu may not be forced to resign, but the incident deals a serious blow to his political influence and may spell bad news for the strategically important Israeli/US relationship. 

As Fox News reports:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin was indicted on bribery, fraud, and breach of trust charges Thursday, the Israeli Justice Ministry confirmed, according to the Associated Press...

Allegations against Netanyahu include suspicions that he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars of champagne and cigars from billionaire friends, offered to trade favors with a newspaper publisher, and used his influence to help a wealthy telecom magnate in exchange for favorable coverage on a popular news site.

Netanyahu has called the allegations part of a witch hunt, lashing out against the media, police, prosecutors and the justice system.

If indicted, he would become the first sitting Israeli prime minister to be charged with a crime. His predecessor, Ehud Olmert, stepped down before he was indicted on corruption charges a decade ago. Olmert later served 16 months in prison for fraud and bribery.


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