Trump Calls out Dems Over Shutdown

Trump Calls out Dems Over Shutdown
Gage Skidmore, Via Wikimedia Commons
  Trump is calling it like it is, in his typical Twitter fashion, and calling out the Democrats for the Shutdown. The government shutdown is happening because the Democrats don't want to give America the border security it needs. The bill was rammed through the house last night as The Daily Wire reports:

Trump's declaration comes after the House added $5.7 billion for construction of the southern border wall. The Senate is set to take up the proposal at noon today. Congress has until midnight tonight to either pass the spending bills for seven federal agencies or approve a continuing resolution to fund the government for several months.

In order to double down on his shut down remarks he would go on to Tweet this post this morning: Everyone in the government is already leaving for the holiday so it is not as if they are working either and if they were they will get back pay for the work they have done, its not that big a deal. The Democrats just want everyone to think that it is the end of the world, didn't they say tax cuts would cause people to die? With that in mind just think about this a little more.

 Source: TTN staff

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