Trump Gets Another BIG Win

Trump Gets Another BIG Win

Trump has set another record today, he has officially achieved record-low unemployment for Hispanics. This is great news not just for Hispanics but for everyone in America! More employed people means more customers at your restaurant, more people buying homes, more people buying goods. THIS IS GREAT NEWS. Has the left ever come close to anything like this? The answer shouldn't shock you at all, it's a big fat NO. For all the talk of Republicans and Trump being evil and racist, it just doesn't hold up to facts like this. As the Daily Wire reports:

While the news out of Wall Street continues to be not so tweetable for President Trump, the Bureau of Labor Statistics unveiled some welcome numbers on Friday: Job growth surged by 312,000 in December. The "Trump Boom" economy also produced an historic number for Hispanics, who enjoyed record-low unemployment in December.

"Job creation ended 2018 on a powerful note, with nonfarm payrolls surging by 312,000 in December though the unemployment rate rose to 3.9 percent," CNBC reports. While the jobless rate rose last month, CNBC notes, it "rose for the right reason as 419,000 new workers entered the workforce and the labor force participation rate increased to 63.1 percent." Rising by 0.2% over November, the participation level ended the year at 0.4% higher than last year.


 Source: TTN staff

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