Trump Insults Nancy Pelosi After she has Trouble Answering Impeachment Question

  • 2019-12-16
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Trump Insults Nancy Pelosi After she has Trouble Answering Impeachment Question
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Nancy Pelosi recently had trouble answering why the Democrats failed to include bribery in their impeachment articles when she publically accused President Trump of bribery.

Pelosi was visibly fumbling her words and President Trump has a theory as to why.

According to The Daily Wire:

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi struggled to give a coherent answer to why the Democrats, after zeroing in on the charge of “bribery” heading into the public impeachment testimonies, glaringly left the charge out of their articles of impeachment, President Trump offered a theory about why she was having such a hard time answering the question.

“You yourself accused [President Trump] of bribery,” a reporter asked Pelosi at a press conference last week. “Why did you decide not to make bribery one of the articles of impeachment.”

Mark Meadows and President Trump responded with their own theories:
The Washington Post actually fact-checked the President's claim.

In a piece titled “Trump goes after Pelosi’s teeth as the House gears up for impeachment vote,” the Post writes of the clip: “The video shows that just before answering the reporter’s question, Pelosi moved her mouth slightly and took a sip of water, but her teeth did not appear out of place and her speech was not interrupted.”

President Trump is known for his slams of the Democrats and especially Pelosi but this may have been his most surprising yet.

 Source: TTN

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