Trump's Best Defense In Cohen Case REVEALED

  • 2018-08-30
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Trump's Best Defense In Cohen Case REVEALED
President Trump's best defense in the case involving Michael Cohen has been revealed. It may not be the best for his personal life, but experts state that showing a pattern of making hush-money payments.

According to Bloomberg:

President Donald Trump’s best defense against potential campaign finance law violations may not be good for his marriage.

If prosecutors want to explore criminal charges against Trump for accepting illegal campaign contributions in the payoff of two women who say they had sexual encounters with him, he may be able to fend them off by saying he has a history of making hush-money payments.


"An ongoing pattern tends to strengthen the argument that this is a business decision," Dan Backer, a political lawyer whose clients include pro-Trump organizations, said of the payments to the women.

He said that Trump wasn’t just a businessman, but a brand to be protected and that the payments couldn’t have been made from campaign funds for that reason. "This is a cost of him doing business," Backer said.

The article points out that a candidate making a payment from his personal funds during a campaign does not automatically convert it to a business expense.

 Source: TTN

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