VIDEO: Clueless Students Attack Trump's Racist Quotes...Then Learn They're From Joe Biden

  • 2019-06-17
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
VIDEO: Clueless Students Attack Trump's Racist Quotes...Then Learn They're From Joe Biden

Marymount University students were quick to condemn the racist quotes they heard read to them, assuming they were the words of Donald Trump until they found out they actually came from the mouth of Democratic Presidential front runner, Joe Biden. As The Daily Wire reports:

In a new man-on-the-street video, Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips asks a few pro-Joe Biden college students to guess which presidential candidate — Donald Trump or Biden — was the source of some racially charged quotes, all of which were infamously stated by Biden. Phillips finds that even though some of the lines have been widely reported, the students all guess Trump for each quote. When they are informed that in fact Biden said all of the "pretty racist" comments, the students express genuine surprise and say the revelation will likely impact their support for the former vice president.

Campus Reform conducted the interviews on the campus of Marymount University in Virginia last week amid a series of polls showing Biden leading Trump nationally as well as in several key battlegound states. One particularly important demographic has also somewhat surprisingly begun to gravitate toward Biden: young voters.

"Leading in every national poll, Biden has billed himself as relatable, likable, and perhaps above all else, without scandal," Campus Reform reports. As the students' response to the revelation that Biden was the source of some of the disparaging quotes suggests, Biden's relatable, likeable, scandal-free persona has largely worked.

After each of the students informed him that they backed Biden, Phillips presented three quotes and asked who was the source of each.

Hopefully, the students, along with the rest of the country, will get a chance to rethink their support for Biden as more and more of his old "questionable" statements come out. 


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 Source: TTN

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