Viewers Meltdown After CNN Hires Pro-Trump Fmr Rep

  • 2019-10-22
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Viewers Meltdown After CNN Hires Pro-Trump Fmr Rep
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Pro-Trump fmr Rep Sean Duffy recently stepped down citing health issues of his now newborn child. Since then he has been hired by CNN.

The new hire has caused CNN viewers to have a complete meltdown.

According to The Daily Mail:

Some CNN viewers have reacted with fury after former Republican Congressman Sean Duffy signed a commentator contract with the network.

Duffy appeared on CNN's New Day on Monday, where he pushed the notion that the Democratic National Committee's hacked email server had been spirited to Ukraine in a plot to damage President Donald Trump.


CNN viewers took to Twitter to voice their disgust at the Trump loyalist Duffy appearing on the network. 

'Oh my god ewwww why is a**hole conspiracy theorist Sean Duffy on CNN now??? Ewww,' one wrote.

Duffy got his start in the public sphere by appearing on MTV's "The Real World" but was a strong reliable conservative voice in Washington during his time there.

 Source: TTN

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