Whistleblower's Lawyer Calls out '60 Minutes' for Lying

  • 2019-09-30
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Whistleblower's Lawyer Calls out '60 Minutes' for Lying
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The Ukraine whistleblower's attorney is calling out "60 Minutes" for making up facts surrounding the controversial whistleblower.

According to Town Hall:

A lawyer for the Ukraine whistleblower blasted CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday for “literally making stuff up” in its reporting about a letter his legal group sent regarding their client’s safety.

In its reporting on the letter, “60 Minutes” claimed the whistleblower was under federal protection, even though that was clearly not stated in the letter. 


In response, the whistleblower’s legal team published the letter and called out “60 Minutes" for their shoddy reporting.

Rather than issuing a correction, “60 Minutes” doubled down and said it “stands by its sources and reporting on the whistleblower.”

This is another example of liberal media bias continuing to lie even in the face of contrary facts.

 Source: TTN

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