The Mooch May Be Running For This Major Office

The Mooch May Be Running For This Major Office
For reasons that are still unclear, short-lived White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci appears to be trying to scoop up Internet domains of the type commonly used for presidential campaign websites.

A representative of Scaramucci’s recently contacted Luke Thorburn, a former Goldman Sachs analyst, about purchasing, and, The Daily Caller is told.

Attempting to purchase the website does not necessarily mean that Scaramucci — known widely as The Mooch — plans or is even considering a run for president in seven, 11, or 15 years. Another possibility is that Scaramucci is attempting to purchase the domains in order to have control of his brand.

But Scaramucci and his representative have not responded to numerous inquiries seeking an explanation for the domain inquiries.
 Source: Daily Caller

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