White House Fires Back After Employee Attacked by Dem Senator

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Maine's "Independent" Senator Angus King might regret his comments from yesterday's hearing. The Hill has the scoop:

The White House Office of Management and Budget on Thursday criticized Maine Sen. Angus King (I) for commenting that a female director needed to wash her hair, calling them "distasteful, condescending remarks."

In a Wednesday hearing, King incredulously asked if a White House official declined to attend the hearing because they had to “wash their hair.” The official in question, whose name and sex were not mentioned in the back-and-forth, was OMB Deputy Director of Management Margaret Weichert .

“Perhaps he believes that Margaret, who has 25 years of professional, private sector experience and 14 patents to her name, should be at home at his beck and call,” OMB Press Secretary Meghan Burris said in a written statement, noting that Weichert was at a West Coast event focused on government workforce, women and technology.

The incident in question occurred during a Wednesday hearing of the Select Committee on Intelligence.




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