Trump 2020 Challenger’s BIZARRE Interview

Governor Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., really wants you to know he’s a good liberal because he wants to run against President Trump in 2020. He has at least two problems; he may be challenged by left wing actress Cynthia Nixon for his job as Governor. His other problem is his really weird way of telling you about his accomplishments. From the Daily Caller:  

” ‘I believe when you go to the Pearly Gates and our Lord says, ‘Have you been a good progressive?’ He says, ‘Show me the list of what you got done,’ Cuomo said in an interview with New York Spectrum News 1 reporter Errol Louis Wednesday.

‘And I have accomplished more progressive results in this state than have been accomplished by any administration and I believe that is factually, objectively irrefutable,’ Cuomo said.

. . .

When asked during a conference call with reporters if he thought New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was encouraging Nixon to run, Cuomo joked that it might be someone even more nefarious.

‘I think it was probably either the mayor of New York or Vladimir Putin,’ Cuomo said. ‘I’m going to leave it to you great investigative reporters to follow the facts and ferret out the truth,’ Cuomo said before releasing a belly laugh. ‘Russian interference?’ “


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