Anti Trump Media Spins Out of Control

The lamestream media is engaged in an open war with President elect Donald Trump, and last night it got ugly. As the Daily Caller notes:

BuzzFeed published documents Tuesday containing unverified information from an alleged former British intelligence agent on deep-ties between the Russian government and President-elect Donald Trump.

The report contains multiple unverified claims of President-elect Trump soliciting prostitutes while visiting Russia. Before the BuzzFeed story, CNN reported that President-elect Trump and President Barack Obama had been told that U.S. officials are aware that Russia allegedly has compromising financial and personal information on Trump.

An alleged former British intelligence agent turned private investigator — who was hired by anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats — compiled a dossier on ties between Trump and Russia. He reportedly gave the memos dated up to August 2016 to an FBI official in Rome. Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain reportedly gave memos from June through December to FBI Director James Comey on Dec. 9.

The only December memo BuzzFeed published was from Dec. 13. BuzzFeed wrote that they are publishing the unverified claims “so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government.”

Got that? A site full of “serious journalists” whose job it is to fact check stories and determine whether or not they’re true and fit for public consumption or just wild internet rumors worthy of ignoring so loathes Donald Trump that they didn’t bother to do any of that. They just said, “look, we hope this is true, and if you read this and think it’s true, like, cool, whatever…”

These are the same people lecturing you about fake news. Anyway, the details of this story are grotesque, and involve allegations  that the President elect engaged in heinous sex acts, but they were apparently good enough for a media and an intelligence community that loathes Donald Trump. And it gets worse. Per Townhall’s Christine Rousselle, the entire story might have originated on internet message board 4chan. As Rousselle notes:

What’s worth talking about, however, are swirling claims on Reddit that 4chan users on the board /pol/ completely made the entire thing up. According to a variety of posts on the pro-Trump subreddit r/The_Donald, a user on /pol/, a 4chan board, made up the most salacious story in the report. He then mailed it to anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who then went to the CIA. The story was then included on the dossier published Tuesday by BuzzFeed News.

If this is true, this effectively means that 4chan trolled the U.S. intelligence system and the majority of the U.S. media with what’s basically Donald Trump erotic fanfiction, which is terrifying.

While literally no aspect of anything that was reported tonight by both BuzzFeed News and 4chan has been confirmed or verified, it is an odd coincidence that a 4chan post from prior to the election seems to match up with what was released on Tuesday.

Additionally, WikiLeaks says that the report published by BuzzFeed is “not an intelligence report” and that it is not consistent with the style of other reports.

This is all very interesting, and paints a very depressing picture of our media and our intelligence community. 




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