Anti-Trumpers Shut Down Schools for 24 Hour Temper Tantrum

Another week, another anti-Trump temper tantrum. As Townhall’s Matt Vespa reports:

Alexandria City’s 15,200 students won’t have to go to school tomorrow because their teachers are going to participate in “A Day Without A Woman” protests, which is being organized by the same folks who mobilized the Women’s March during inauguration weekend. Alexandria public schools said that they didn’t have enough substitute teachers to fill the 300 leave requests from teachers, according to WJLA, a local ABC News outlet. Only one-third of those posts could have been filled. As such, out of safety for the children, the entire school district is about to undergo a total and complete shut down…for the day. In Washington D.C., on the other hand, all staff and students are expected to show up for class:

“This was not a political decision,” says school spokesperson Helen Lloyd. “This is about the safety of our students and our ability to deliver instruction to them.”School officials say the Alexandria district has only enough substitute teachers to fill about one-third of the vacant slots.

Students will not be required to make up the instructional day.

The district says with the lack of snowy weather, there are enough days in the school calendar to close on Wednesday without affecting “the number of teaching days required by the state.”

This is completely and utterly ridiculous. Similarly, nearby Prince George’s County schools will also be closed. Teachers in Alexandria who take off WILL BE PAID by the district.

What does that mean? Hardworking parents who have no skin in the game are going to be forced to make alternative arrangements for their children, skipping work and leaving their counterparts in the lurch. Poor folks who are very replaceable at menial jobs will be forced to call out for no good reason. Family owned small businesses will have to make due and will probably lose money. The protest will have absolutely zero effect on how the American people view President Trump. All so gaggles of self-important women can spend the day virtue signaling on Facebook and Instagram. 


Meanwhile, a bunch of adults who can’t accept that living in a liberal democracy means sometimes, someone you don’t like wins an election will send a message to their children: Temper tantrums are perfectly ok. 


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