American Muslim Mayor Stands with the Refugeehad

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has promised to stand with Donald Trump on ending sanctuary cities. But in the Garden State, there’s already dissention in the ranks. 

The Muslim Mayor of Prospect Park, New Jersey is refusing to hand over criminal aliens to the federal government:

Watch for the political stock of Mohamed Khairullah, the Syrian-born Mayor of Prospect Park, to rise in Democratic circles after he signed an executive order on Friday that declared the Passaic County borough of 5,865 a sanctuary for immigrants.

Hailing from Aleppo, which has become synonymous with the worst violence of the long Syrian civil war and has thus created tens of thousands of refugees, Khairullah immigrated to the United States in 1991, was elected Councilman in 2001, and has been the Mayor since 2006.

According to the order, “No department, committee, agency, commission, officer or employee of the Borough of Prospect Park shall use any Borough funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of Federal Immigration Law.”

Khairullah directly refers to his own past in explaining why he signed the order: “It is important to me as a person who came to the U.S as an immigrant, that we uphold our laws and values,”  he said Saturday, according to “The U.S is the land of opportunity and dreams for many people all over the world.”

Khairullah is right. This is the land of opportunity. But that’s not an excuse for law enforcement’s failure to report the presence of people who violate our laws and come here illegally, particularly when ISIS has pledged to do just that. 

Guests in our country live here at our pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with holding them to a higher legal standard, particularly if they’re uninvited. 




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