Electoral College Coup

An Electoral College member from Texas is refusing to give the President-elect his support on December 19th.

An Electoral College member from Texas has penned a ridiculous attack on Donald Trump — and the millions of Texans and Americans who gave him their votes — by refusing to give the President-elect his support on December 19th. 

His reasoning? According to him the man who finally answered every day Americans’ call for an end to Washington elites’ politics as usual is actually a “threat” to the Constitution — and cites “Twitter” and “Saturday Night Live” in his absurd call to dump Trump! 


That’s why Great America PAC is immediately moving to counter this rising coup — and we need your help now! 

We must remind the Electoral College members that the people have spoken and now they need to do their jobs and certify Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, so please add your name to our Great America PAC “Do Your Job” Petition today! 

America Has Spoken — Demand the Electoral College Fulfill Their Duty on December 19th! Sign Great America PAC’s “Do Your Job: Certify Trump’s Victory!” Petition NOW!!!

Here at Great America PAC, we’re determined to stand strong against ALL enemies of Donald Trump’s visionary fight to Make America Great Again, but everything we do depends on the dedication and backing of patriots like you. 

So please sign your petition now, and after you do, please take this opportunity to support our continued work with a generous contribution of $25 or more as well. 

Thank you — now let’s get Donald Trump’s victory certified by the Electoral College — add your name to our “Do Your Job: Certify Donald Trump’s Victory!” Petition today! 



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