Electors Jump Ship

This is too good. First Democrats panicked about what would happen if Donald Trump won. They were worried that his failure to accept victory would undermine our democracy. Then Donald Trump won, and they immediately went about trying to undermine our democracy. First he won because of the racist, sexist electoral college. Then it was white supremacists, then fake news. Then loony toon Jill Stein turned over her tinfoil hat and started begging for donations to fund recounts. Some of these never happened, and when they did, they helped Trump. Finally, liberals lost all shame. They began claiming that the racist sexist electoral college was actually meant to stop election results that people in the Acela corridor didn’t like  prevent the election of tyrants. The last theory caused thousands of loony liberals to  unleash a deluge of email and phone calls on those unfortunate enough to be 2016 electors. It got so bad that there was reason to believe that electors would defect in an effort to deprive Donald Trump of the presidency.

Well today, those electors defected. But it didn’t go as well as liberals planned. See, electors started voting against Hillary:


If this were happening to anyone not named Hillary Clinton, we might feel bad about it. This is a nice reminder that sometimes bad people get what they deserve. We’re let our good friend Tim Young sum up our thoughts on the matter:


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