Failed VP Candidate Compares Sessions to KKK Members (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was a monumental failure for a lot of reasons, among them her choice of a vice presidential candidate, Tim Kaine. Kaine’s erratic debate performance against a civil, dignified Mike Pence symbolized everything that was wrong with the Clinton campaign. He was rude, dismissive, and hurling around insane accusations. 

He still is. Yesterday, Kaine made a television appearance during which he suggested that Sessions was worse than Robert Byrd and Hugo Black, two Democratic heroes who were also high ranking Klan members. As Townhall’s Matt Vespa reports:

With Jeff Sessions now serving as attorney general of the United States, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) is probably one of many liberals who doesn’t have much faith that he can be “a true law keeper,” using the words of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. The MSNBC host interviewed Kaine last night:

“They may come from parts of the country that are segregated like, Justice Hugo Black, and people like that; there were Klan members—Bobby Byrd, former Senate leader of the Democratic Party and have risen above that sort of—what you might call local thinking or parochial thinking. You don’t think Mr. Sessions is capable of that. Coming from the Deep South, he’s not able to transcend that and become true American law keeper.”

“Chris, I just haven’t seen the evidence,” replied Kaine.

This is absolutely insane. Sessions is a man who desegregated schools in Alabama and helped bring down the Klan.  He’s received an award from the NAACP.  He’s advanced this far by dutifully enforcing the law and serving his constituents. To suggest he’s somehow worse than two men who engaged in explicit bigotry against blacks, Catholics, and Jews to advance their careers is absolutely insane. Kaine should be ashamed, and Sessions deserves an apology. 


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