Obama Threatens Trump

Barack Obama is sticking around Washington D.C. for the next couple of years, and many are wondering if the failed president is going to be a thorn in the side of Donald Trump. Yesterday, Obama indicated that this may in fact be the case:

In his final news conference as president Wednesday, Barack Obama vowed to step off the political sidelines if incoming President Donald Trump dares to “round up” children of illegal immigrants, “roll back voting rights” or otherwise engage in “systemic discrimination.”

Obama offered hints about his post-White House plans when he indicated he would take a more activist role to defend “core values that may be at stake” under a Trump administration.

“If I saw systematic discrimination [is] being ratified in some fashion. I put in that category explicit or functional obstacles to people being able to vote, to exercise their franchise,” Obama said.

He added, “I put in that category institutional efforts to silence dissent or the press.”

This is troubling, given that Obama is the sort of doctrinaire liberal who believes that looking at someone the wrong way means you want to reinstitute Jim Crow. It’s also troubling because Obama is suggesting that enforcing America’s immigration laws is radical. This is totally ridiculous. 

It’s also hypocritical. This is a guy who was no fan of anything that wasn’t an adoring press as president:


Obama actively shut out Fox News, railing against the organization whenever he could. He got a free pass from an adoring press despite being a consistent enemy of free speech:


It’s difficult to imagine Trump being afforded the same treatment. 

Here’s hoping Barack Obama finds a golf course he really likes and forgets all about “the folks.” 


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