The Group That’s Powering the Trump Train

Donald Trump’s presidency is under constant attack from liberal groups in Washington and their allies in the lamestream media. Despite that, he’s been able to successfully implement a conservative agenda, pushing through conservative Cabinet picks, tackling illegal immigration, and nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

So liberals have almost totally failed, and it’s important to understand why. Or, well, who. Writing at Ad Age, Kate Kaye reveals the group that’s behind the grassroots campaign to let Washington know that the people stand behind Donald Trump:

Post-inauguration, Great America PAC has been serving up Facebook and radio ads encouraging people to call their senators to support President Trump, his agenda, and his nominees, including Neil Gorsuch, his pick for Supreme Court Justice.

The group, which spent $100,000 earlier this month with Republican digital ad firm Campaign Solutions, is running ads on Facebook promoting key initiatives promised by the president while on the campaign trail: the building of a U.S.-Mexico border wall and the repeal of Obamacare. The ads coax people to call their senators in support of the policies.

“President Trump needs your help. In order to Make America Great Again, he needs a cabinet,” state the Facebook ads, which have pushed people to call their senators to support recently-confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Call your Senator today and DEMAND they support President Trump’s cabinet appointees! Click to find out your Senator’s phone number.”

Phone calls from constituents are hard to ignore.  As the New York Times noted back in November, phone calls can bring an office to a halt, forcing a given member to take a stand on a particular issue. In short, you call, they listen. As Great America PAC’s Dan Backer notes:

“Our representatives in government need to learn how to be responsive to the governed,” said Dan Backer, general counsel and treasurer of Great America PAC. “We have to bust through the data-management dynamic that has developed of just counting the number of messages received while ignoring the message being delivered.”

Donald Trump has a bold, transformative agenda. We’re glad organizations like Great America PAC are standing behind him, and helping to hold DC accountable. 



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