BUILD THE WALL: Drunken Criminal Illegal Kills Indiana Grandfather

An illegal alien was arrested on Monday—after killing an Indiana grandpa in a horrific, alcohol-fueled car crash.

Worse, it turns out that Elizabeth Vargas-Hernandez, 35, was involved in a similar accident in 2015—and police let her go, despite her being unable to provide state-issued identification due to her illegal status.

Elizabeth Vargas-Hernandez, 35, is accused of having been drunk driving on I-465 at 2:30am just northwest of of Indianapolis—where she rear-ended a car driven by David Kriehn, 66.

The impact of the crash sent Kriehn’s car careening off the road. Kriehn was ejected from the car as it rolled several times, before landing in a ditch. Police found Vargas-Hernandez’s car upside-down on the interstate’s shoulder.

Kriehn was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Vargas-Hernandez was unharmed.

State troopers on the scene smelled alcohol on Vargas-Hernandez’s breath, and said her eyes appeared to be bloodshot—and a breath test showed her with a blood alcohol level of 0.11 percent—nearly 50% above the legal limit.

Upon further questioning, policed asked Vargas-Hernandez why she didn’t have a driver’s license—and she admitted it was because she was an illegal immigrant.

Vargas has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol causing death, and driving without a license. If convicted and sentenced to jail, she could face deportation upon her release.


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