CNN’s Crowd Size Coverup

It looks like CNN has backtracked on their claims that President Donald Trump’s inauguration was sparsely attended—after they quietly released a new photo showing a vastly different crowd.

A new “gigapixel” photo of the Trump inauguration released by CNN later this week shows a large crowd. Many of the areas that, in the original photo, were seen as empty were shown in the gigapixel image as brimming with people.

The gigapixel photo was taken during the time of Trump’s speech. According to Trump’s Press Secretary Steve Spicer on Saturday, the original photo released by CNN had been taken three hours before the inauguration even started—when, obviously, the crowd would be substantially smaller.
Earlier in the week, Trump and the media were locked in a battle of words over the size of his inauguration crowd—with Trump claiming that there were actually far more people in attendance than the media had been reporting. The original photo, taken hours before the inauguration, went viral on social media when it was placed side-by-side with the historic, record-breaking 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama.

Due to Saturday’s rainy weather blocking satellite imagery, there doesn’t seem to be a way for experts to estimate the size of the crowd—and how it compares to Barack Obama’s inauguration crowd. But with this new image quietly released by CNN, it’s clear that Trump might have been right after all.


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