Dems Double Down on Stupid

The Democratic Party suffered wave losses in 2010, 2014, and 2016. They lost the presidency, congress, and nearly two-thirds of the governorships. The party is clearly out of touch with the average American voter, and they’ve recognized this, and are now in the process of radically altering their leadership.

Just kidding. 

Via the Washington Examiner:

House Democrats elected Nancy Pelosi to another term as minority leader on Wednesday, rejecting a challenge from Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, who called for a leadership shake-up after the party’s poor election performance.

Pelosi won with a little more than two-thirds of the vote, 134-63, a few weeks after she predicted that about two-thirds of the caucus would back her.

The early morning vote occurred in a House office building committee chamber. It was closed to the public and the media. Lawmakers made their choice via secret ballot. Pelosi’s victory came after a group of Democrats stood up and praised her as a strong leader who has kept the caucus united and who is “battle-tested, “seasoned,” and “tough.”

“Battle-tested.” Pelosi is battle-tested like George Armstrong Custer was “battle-tested.”  It’s hard to say the Democrats are on their way to becoming a permanent minority party, but they’re trying as hard as they can to get there.


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