DISGRACEFUL: Black Lives Matter Protesters Beat Homeless Man

Remember “when they go low, we go high?” Me neither. Black Lives Matter’s continuing quest to scare middle America into turning a blind eye to any and all legitimate concerns in the black community continued apace this week. BLM protesters took time out of their busy schedule to beat a homeless man:

Twelve people were arrested Tuesday night in Stockton during a protest that involved assaulting a homeless man and blocking traffic, police said.

Three people were arrested in connection with the assault of a homeless person in front of Stockton City Hall, and nine others were arrested during an unlawful march on Stockton streets, the police department said.

There was a Black Lives Matter protest outside the city council meeting, and during that protest, a police sergeant saw several protesters attack an uninvolved man in MLK Plaza across from city hall, according to the Stockton Police Department.

Officers stepped in to stop the attack, arresting three people while two got away. Several other protesters charged the scene and interfered with officers, who had to push the protesters back.

The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment, but his condition was not released.



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