Donald Trump Invited Some Special Guests to the State of the Union That Made Democrats SQUIRM

Donald Trump made a move last night that made Democrats on Capitol Hill squirm. He invited victims of illegal immigrant crime to join him. Democrats reaction to this provocative, yet touching move shows just how out of the mainstream they are. As Matt Vespa notes, Tucker Carlson diagnosed their behavior perfectly:

Carlson said that the net effect of the speech was to diminish the Democrats in the room.

“They didn’t greet him when he walked in, they didn’t applaud when he said we’re going to put American interests first, they groaned when he brought up the victims of immigrant crime, raising the obvious question whose side are you on exactly,” he said.

Tucker added that the Democrats didn’t do themselves any favors by showing the total war mindset they’re adopting when it comes to the Trump White House. The Fox News host added that what would they do if the president has a larger, more extensive infrastructure plan. There is nothing wrong with total resistance if the man you’re resisting is reprehensible. There was nothing in Trump’s speech that qualified for such a cold reception.


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