Donald Trump Just Put the UN on Notice

The United States has always had a special relationship with Israel. The nation is an island of democracy in a nation defined by dictator and anti-American radicals. American presidents understood this.

And then Barack Obama didn’t. One of the final acts of his failed presidency was the drafting and stealth promotion of a UN resolution that undermined Israel’s sovereignity, while rewarding the violent Palestinian extremists who are opposed to its very right to exist.

Donald Trump promised to rebuild that relationship, and so far he’s delivered. As the Free Beacon notes:

The White House is sending a strong signal that it will no longer tolerate Palestinian intransigence at the United Nations or the international body’s long record of anti-Israel action, according to White House officials and sources in Congress who told the Washington Free Beacon that the Trump administration will “unabashedly support Israel” in the months and years ahead.

The Trump administration sent shockwaves through the U.N. late last week when it took a stance against the appointment of a senior Palestinian official to serve in a top post overseeing Libya.

Senior officials at Turtle Bay expressed outrage over the Trump administration’s move to block the appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad as a special U.N. representative for Libya. The move was widely supported by U.N. members, and, for a time, the Trump administration.

Sources inside the White House told the Free Beacon that the move was meant to send a signal to the Palestinians that they can no longer manipulate the U.N. system in order to bolster their international clout. This type of action, the sources said, undermines Israel and the ongoing peace process.

Israel bashing is the international pastime at the United Nations, an organization primarily funded and supported by American taxpayers. Trump is signaling that if these third world kleptocrats want to remain on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, they’re going to have to play by our rules.

We love it. 


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