European Leader Stands with Trump, Slams Obama at CPAC

America’s favorite British citizen Nigel Farage addressed a raucous crowd at CPAC 2017, promising to stand with President Trump and taking a minute to thank President Obama for traveling to London to threaten British citizens into abandoning their sovereignity. As Townhall reports:

He ripped the mainstream media, chastised Barack Obama, and applauded the decision that America made to elect Donald Trump.

“My favorite part of that evening [Election Day], was watching the faces of the CNN presenters!” Farage said to the cheering crowd.

Farage has yet to forgive Obama for his comments he made before Britain’s formal vote to leave the European Union, and reminded CPAC that he thanks Obama to this day.

“I will, to my dying day, be grateful that President Obama came to my country, intervened in the referendum, and told the United Kingdom’s people — America’s greatest friend and ally in the world — that if we voted to get our independence, we would go to the back of the line,” he said. 


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