Failed Obama Tries to Take Credit for a Boom He Tried to Stop

Barack Obama has very few accomplishments, so it’s no surprise he’s just making them up now. But here he is, pretending that the American energy boom was driven by windmills and solar panels. As the Daily Caller reports:

President Barack Obama is making a major public relations blitz to highlight his legacy, including tying falling reliance on foreign oil to his green energy policies.

Obama claimed the U.S. “traded foreign oil for clean energy,” but what he should have said is the U.S. traded foreign oil for hydraulic fracturing. Green energy had little to do with it.

University of Colorado-Boulder professor Roger Pielke, Jr. was quick to call out the president for trying to claim “clean energy” was responsible for cutting U.S. oil imports.

More important: None of this was thanks to Obama. Part of the reason why fracking spread so quickly in the United States is because individual landowners can lease mineral rights on their property. This concept is fairly unique to the United States, which has allowed us to get out ahead on the fracking boom, and it’s also helped frustrate junk science loving regulatory agencies. It’s also allowed Americans to purchase domestically produced energy.

What about President Obama’s part in this? His administration tried to stop it. He’s still trying to stop American energy exploration now.  

What about his so called green energy efforts? They didn’t go so well. Here’s a list of green energy companies that received taxpayer corporate welfare dollars and went belly up.  It’s hard to find an exact number, but as of April 2015 American taxpayers were on the hook for 2.2 billion in belly up “green energy” loans. That’s a lot of cash for very little energy. 

In the end, it wasn’t Washington bureaucrats and crony capitalists that came together to make American energy great again; it was innovative companies and American property owners coming together to find a way to serve one another. When that happens on a massive scale, we all benefit.


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